Choosing the Next Great NFT Project

The Atlas Lyons Club
4 min readApr 15, 2022


“Ambition is the first step to success. The second step is action.” ~Anonymous

So much has happened with The Atlas Lyons Club since we last posted here. We’ve grown. We’ve minted. We’ve collected our first group of submissions.

And now it’s time to take the next step and begin narrowing down these amazing ideas to the project(s) we will take into our first incubation period.

Our goal for the Selection process was to build something that was transparent, fair and allowed our members to make informed choices as they select the next great NFT project. We are leaning heavily on Mobee’s data analytics background to help build this process, utilizing the data submitted in the applications to help shape the process. There are many ways groups of people can vote, from NFT projects to governments. We want to harness the power of Web3, namely transparency and decentralization, to fuel how we will do this.

Selection Process Summary

We will start with sharing short summaries about each project for the first round of voting. This is meant to give all projects an even playing field to start. Simple ideas and fully developed projects all have the opportunity to compete on vision alone. Initial voting will be conducted by means of scoring projects on a scale of 1–5, taking potential utility and vision into consideration.

As the field is narrowed to the second round, more planning and execution can now be shared with the community. This allows projects who have put more thought (or even have done some building already) to show the community what they have accomplished to date. Depending on the types of projects that make it to this round will determine whether we target a single project to be selected for incubation or multiple projects. For example, if we have a group of “ideas” and a group of “partially developed projects”, it’s very likely we can accept two projects into incubation, even in this first round, given the different needs they have. Members will once again be asked to vote on projects, helping select the final projects to move on to the final round.

Finally, finalists will be invited to speak directly to the community during Pitch Day. We will host this in the backrooms of the Speakeasy (must own a matchbox to access). Members will have a chance to hear the vision and direction from project teams as well as ask them any questions they have about the project. No topics are off limits. This will be a key moment for our community to really challenge each other so that only the best of the many great ideas are selected and funded for incubation.

This is an exciting step for The Atlas Lyons Club. As the first community driven NFT incubator, conducting this sort of process publicly will be unique for this space. We hope that, by building our corner of Web3 together, we can establish a solid foundation for others to follow as we venture on this path as a community.

About The Atlas Lyons Club

For those of you who have stumbled upon us for the first time — welcome to The Atlas Lyons Club (ALC) — a community driven NFT incubator where your ideas can come to life. ALC gives aspiring artists, developers, designers or just people with a great idea the chance to turn their idea into a full-fledged NFT project. Importantly, The Atlas Lyons Club will cover any upfront costs needed to launch an NFT project. Project founders will get to share in the revenue of the project with the community team assembled to bring the idea to life. The community will govern and take part in each community project.

Become a member of the Atlas Lyons Club by minting an NFT matchbox which serves as your membership. Each matchbox is unique with it’s own traits and rarity. The initial matchbox utility is delivered in three ways:

  1. Submit an idea to the incubator for community consideration.
  2. Bring your own skills/experience and join a project team.
  3. Auto join to all allow lists for incubator projects launched (discount or even free depending on project).

All members benefit regardless of their level of involvement.

Mint at and join us at The Speakeasy at