Mortimer is Born

The Atlas Lyons Club
2 min readNov 15, 2021


As we continued to build out our concept, we started testing it with friends and family to see if we were really onto something. One of those people was Mobee.eth, Snitch’s friend since childhood. It was here that the theme changed from “burnt out corporate lackey” to “The Roaring ‘20”.

The 1920s were a decade unmatched in the 20th century. High society flourished. Socialites, business leaders and politicians gathered at speakeasies and secret meeting places to plan the future of our world. Despite Prohibition, Martinis and Manhattans were endless thanks to the steady flow from mobsters such as Al Capone. It was the height of the times as the world bounced back from The Great War. The world was held up by these people. The 1920s definitely roared. As we are entering the 2020s, we couldn’t help but see the similarities. Coming off a global pandemic. New technology emerging. Alcohol freely (and thankfully legally this time) flowing.

And this was our inspiration for Mortimer.

Every story needs a character, someone to cheer you on, rally behind and give you the kick in the pants you need to be successful. This person is Mortimer. Old Morty comes to us from the 1920s. He’s seen it all, lived life, partied with socialites. It’s these experiences that have let Mortimer start the age-old club, The Atlas Lyons Club.

Mortimer is the original founder of the club. You can find him serving up great conversation in the speakeasy, playing smooth toons on our Roaring Radio or pouring the best drinks in town. He is always looking to help make his guests feel at home. But, Mortimer is here for so much more. As the original founder of The Atlas Lyons Club, he plays an intricate role that comes to life through our version of a roadmap — the Morty-Map.

Morty reeks of success but doesn’t forget the sweat and tears that got him here. We all have a little bit of Mortimer in us and he is always in the Speakeasy ready to give you that encouragement or kick in the pants you need.

So now we had our theme and our lead. It was time to build…