The Atlas Lyons Club — An NFT Incubator in the Making

The Atlas Lyons Club
2 min readNov 12, 2021


Author: Von Frontin
Admittedly, neither Snitch nor I are either artists or coders. In a world of brilliant and creative people in the NFT space, we felt a bit on the outside looking in at this amazing talent exploding before our eyes.

What value could we bring to a community that is already so talented?

That’s when it hit us, while we may not be artists or coders, we still have something to offer. Snitch is a born salesman and marketer who has worked on some of the biggest brands in the industry. I’m a trained lawyer with experience in finance and marketing as well. From everything we researched, launching a successful NFT project is more than creating some generative art and putting in on the blockchain. You need to create a story. You need to bring together a team with diverse and complementary talents. You need to find an audience who will not only want to buy what you’re selling, but will want to engage in a community you create. This was right up our alley.

And from this line of thinking, the idea to build an NFT incubator was born. It felt like the perfect marriage of wanting to help people escape to a life where they could pursue their passions with the skills that Snitch and I could deliver on. A couple of informal Twitter polls confirmed our assumptions.

We had the core of our project: An NFT Incubator.

The next step was creating a story of our own, which eventually led us to a man named Mortimer…